PCs Access

Along with telephones – or even instead of them – can be used softphones, or, as they are called soft phones. However, the window of the softphone is not always easy placed on the screen, in addition, telephones, of course, much more reliable than PCs, so that the disappearance of call-centers they are not threatened. (Maybe it makes sense to consider using "thin clients", this direction for the call center is still poorly developed.) In any case, this technical detail, and they – not the first nor the most important thing to define when you create a call-center. Call-center – it is the entry point, where the focus all the interaction of the outside world. Such interaction should be easy – especially customers (otherwise they can deny service to the company and switch to a competitor), and then the company itself. Source: Solar Winds. In Actually consumer and provider are on the same side: both are interested in as quick and efficient service.

To solve this problem helps call-center integration into the global information environment enterprise. Consider, for example, a bank. His call-center is not simply respond to calls and messages, and promptly provide to clients – individuals and legal entities – supported by a range of issues related to their activities within the banking environment. For this support to be integrated operator workstations with at least one and usually multiple banking systems. Moreover, access to specialists call-center in these systems must take into account the requirements of data protection. Thus, a set of tasks, including the establishment of a call-center, communication channels, security arrangements and training programs for operators, access to corporate systems – they are all interrelated and must be addressed comprehensively.