Parisian Business

He is known that July to mid-August, 2010 the greater part of the territory of Russia, especially in Moscow, the capital city was affected by the unusual heat wave. However, this unbearable heat, that you won’t believe it, even proved beneficial for some types of business owners. In the hot days of the summer season, which includes June, July and August, on the outskirts of Moscow to the Senezh Lake Shore premiered an innovative business type, namely inflatable balls to walk on the surface of the water. As this beach there was a pinhole, respectively had many people interested in seeing their children enjoying this aquatic attraction. Therefore, this type of business owner took good advantage. Apart from these balls has mentioned about an original idea for a car wash.

Serguei Mironov, an owner of the car wash took advantage of the intense heat by means of putting into operation an original business idea. What was? The owner in question decided to hire the girls young people for the warm season of the year, which Parisian washing cars instead of males. And he came out with hers. His idea didn’t take long to take effect. Afternoons road was jammed in next to the car wash in question sites since drivers stopped to give noses with a spectacular panorama. Next to the road near the car wash girls in bikinis washing cars looked their hot delicate body.

The first few days after being put into operation this strategy half-naked girls struggled to attract to the automobilistas, but shortly thereafter or for a bite gave them time, that they should do their routine work, i.e. washing cars. Sellers of air conditioners and fans are fortunate entrepreneurs who this heat was beneficial for them. As in Moscow as well as in the rest of the cities of the Federation of Russia dwellings are mostly not equipped with air conditioners, the large part of the moscovitasse found with having to spend the night and the days in sweltering rooms. Of course there was a crowd of Muscovites interested in buying air conditioners, or at least fans, whatever it takes. As a result, fans in shops and department stores sold out instantly. In what refers to the air conditioners buy these media to cool an environment of the home at that time became an odissea. Those who wanted to buy an air conditioner for home had to register on a waiting list to await to came their turn. For high penalties among interested in buying air conditioners ran the rumor that needs to wait his turn until November, in fact it was not true. It is that the owners of these types of businesses mentioned it is potential clients with objective of encourage them to order the installation of air conditioners. The above follows that the named types of business owners won much in the days of sweltering heat. Innovative business ideas