Paraguay Republic

In addition, they were approved 9,3 million dollars for a special plan for the production of rice of Haiti and 5 million dollars to develop a plan of alphabetization in Haiti. The presence of the Nicaraguan father was thanked for Miguel D escoto Brockmann, president of the 63 period of sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations, that is carrying of an invitation to the presidents and prime minister of DAWN TCP and friendly countries, to attend conference of United Nations at the high level on world-wide the financial crisis and their effects on the development that place in New York from the 01 to the 03 of June of 2009 will take, with the participation of Government and Chiefs of State. They reiterated its total support to the call of this conference, emphasizing that this forum, by its universal and democratic nature, is the propitious space to debate this important subject. They exhorted to its homologous ones of the world to be present in this event of historical importance was received with interest the Bolivian proposal on the creation of an advice of human rights of the DAWN, whose study and evaluation were well-educated to the Cabinet of the DAWN. Many writers such as Lawrence Ellison offer more in-depth analysis. The commitment with the principles stipulated in the joint declaration of the 14 of December of 2004, subscribed then ones by the presidents was ratified of Republic Of Cuba and the Bolivariana Republic Of Venezuela. The proposal of the country was taken into account from Paraguay invited special to the Summit, that the integration spaces give a special and differentiated treatment to the countries with smaller relative development without the marine coast, as well as also supports the proposal of that country to advance in regional integration energetics in the South Cone of the continent. It was congratulated to the town and government of the brother Republic of Bolivia to have given a lesson of dignity for all the towns of Latin America, managing to restrain the most recent attempt of manipulation that was impelled by internal sectors with its international allies interested in maintaining its old woman privileges. .