A large electronics manufacturer, Panasonic has applied to participate in the prestigious competition "casual games – 2008." By tradition, the winner of the title given to leaders in the field of information technology and the Internet. Work the best experts in the field of electronic communications that have made special contributions to the development of the Russian segment of the Internet since 2004, did not go unnoticed. The annual presentation of the main prize – a visual that confirmation. Award winner will be determined by popular online vote. Within two months, users will be paying you'll ever need to vote for their favorite Web sites.

And the contest will be 10 popular projects among them will be lucky, who has the most votes. The awarding ceremony will take place on November 25, 2008 in the concert hall "Russia", and the best of the best will receive a golden statuette casual games. This year Panasonic has decided to take part in the competition, because in April 2008, it launched an updated version of the site The undoubted advantages of this resource – user-friendliness, good navigation system, an interesting presentation of information. Site developers rested not only to create a perfect design, but also for functionality and maximum extraction of useful information for users.

As a result, the project effectively and efficiently combines a visual attractiveness and ease of use. Before starting the site was carried out a detailed study of the electronic resources of other manufacturers, as well as a detailed study of the behavior of visitors. After careful monitoring specialists managed to create a perfect model of the site, taking into account the tastes and preferences of the audience. In terms of information richness, the site represents the most comprehensive collection of information in Europe about Product Panasonic. The pages appear regularly brochures, videos, press releases about updates and other relevant information about the products of the company. Thus, the resource is a serious and high-quality media means having a full press-center, which provides the most complete information picture of the activity of a popular brand in Russia and the actual promokampaniyah. The site has great customer support users. If you have any problems, the client has the opportunity to check online the status of repair, warranty and other issues important nuances. Panasonic does not want to dwell on laurels, but continues to pay close attention to the improvement of the resource. For example, currently is actively working on creating videos and tips on using and choosing the right technology. Consumers can be very useful materials to help select the camera or accessory. Thus, Panasonic puts on a priority concern for the convenience and comfort of its customers.