Paladini Processes

To implement Cycle PDCA (Plan, Of, Check, Action), for the improvement of the system and the method of work to be established, where the quality can be defined as conformity the requirements, to carry through and to make the certainty, adequacy to the use. In what it points the current trends, the Logistic one must be faced and onslaught for the expectations of the customers, reduction of costs, internal organization of the company, to know to work with production, operation, processes, demand, sales, suppliments and the technology applied and directed in all these on sectors or processes with services with quality and objetividade well, we try to make that the procedures really are worried about the customers, internal/external in such a way involved in the process is a great the 4 challenge to adjust Ps of the services profile related with the physical space, process, people, procedures where in the age of the total quality we must analyze the productive processes, verify the interests of the consumer and apply the quality guaranteed since the supplier to the customer, making good processes and products that is optimum, planning, regularity and with the minimum or no error, therefore we must fall of diving-dress in the procedures of operations for the customer, in services and processes, and in agreement Deming (1990, p.124-125), it points similarities and differences between rendering of services and manufacture/good production, that we can and we have that to equalizar the installment of being services in a certainty vision as if was a tangible good and the collaborator of the production line has idea of the final Product quality. Go to toddler clothing for more information.

As Carvalho and Paladini (2005, p.214), analyzing the processes we see that the continuous improvement can be considered the main activity presented in the processes, and can assure that these processes are in constant update. In logistic we analyze the procedures that must have quality in its services must take care of the expectations and involve departments and sectors with an analysis of internal action as in such a way external, and this planning allows the company to reach its objectives, taking care of the requirements and requests that is characteristic of the quality, where the customer is the focus, we must guiding in them and to guide in processes and not in tasks, to generate value, to adopt and to bet in the technology of the information, to work synergistic, to have a general vision of the chain where before we have that to see if we would be our proper customer that is if our products and/or services have quality with a motivated team, trained better to proceed and to develop an alignment in the chain as well as we arrive in one better operational performance, concentrating in the attendance the involved requirements of all stakeholders, adjusting the processes predetermined for the services to be able to point in the principles of the quality..