Our Life Now Is

I read in an article that if all goes well, a life are a total of 650,000 hours. ! Uff! How many… But, we take advantage of them or waste them. We must take advantage both times, as for wanting to do extension. Is all very well making plans, and establish objectives, but and now? do we live our lives now? Many times we don’t even know and will not enjoy our now. To change this, we must first change our concept of see and accept things. For more information see this site: baby clothes.

We have been part of our lives complaining, but we do something about it? It is easier to blame as the Government, work time. to change this situation. Of course to change situations, we must first change us, and does not enter into this passive role as absurd and accommodate us. How many opportunities we will have lost? How many friends lost by a simple forgiveness? How much dreams for not believing in us? How many nonsense so that they pass the hours and not make nothing. This life is not trial for then the truly live. ! This is the truth, the only! We have fear of death, but we are not afraid to not know how to live. Dare to love, to bet, to live, and live each moment with all your senses, things that ns dislike already come alone, encargate seek and carry out that you like. My rabbit and conclusion! LIVE NOW!