Organizational Change

, the Head of the Staff was the time of Gerubal Pascoal, but many Companies, still insist on preserving this mitolgica figure. Others, if say in modernity and apply all the available theories in the market. Laboratories of visionary said administrators become , that in the reality they do not have no comprometimento with the organization and its collaborators. Simply they want to be responsible for one marries Companies are the ones that if they differentiate of excessively and get supported success. The professionals of Human resources of these Companies today have strategical function in the high administration, deliberating and projecting the desired future. These professionals must be visionary, but with the well firm feet in the soil. They must plan and be creative in the brainstorming. They must be blinded by reaching objective and than leader, more component of the teams, capable of simple gestures, as to serve water to its collaborators while they are working arduously.

These professionals must be multiplied in all the areas of the Company, independently of hierarchic position. As the Companies do not exist without the people, all administrator must be the responsible one for the Human resources. He has Companies that they had changed the name of the department of Human resources for department of Human People or Talentos, that in some cases did not pass of a eufemismo. In others already more this department does not exist formal and all the administrators are responsible for the collaborators of its area, being able to enlist, to remunerate, to train, to evaluate and to promote them. It does not have a prescription that it equally serves for all the Companies. The treatment to arrive itself at modernity, is different for each organization, depending on acurada quo it will be its vision of future and current period of training of development. The only certainty, is that in the future, the best ones will only survive, therefore those that had not yet started the changes, already are losing the game for one the zero.