This relationship framework should take into account the subjective aspects of social processes, among them the motivation and satisfaction of its members. Check with cloud computing to learn more. A viable structural system should establish plans, provide services or develop products and meet the demands of its component groups. In this last aspect, management must understand that good communication practice brings to the Organization of the plane’s intentions and puts it into the dimension of the realizations. To do this, you must provide the ability to articulate and lead the team work and coordinate efforts to develop a shared project. We specifically manifested Rodriguez, management has to be very clear that coexist in the same organization, interacting areas and processes that are usually different, although they can be oriented towards achieving the same product or final goal. Therefore, coexist in the same organization, different worlds: a world that thinks on the basis of economic performance, productivity and efficiency of processes; another, personal, and social relations where There are affinities and differences; and a third party messages and communications so that everything is conducted in an orderly and satisfactory manner.

Internal communication, which encompasses all acts of communication that occur inside of an organization should not be neglected ever. This communication concerns all its components, from the directorate-general or management, through pictures, managers and employees. Aims to inform its internal public of what the organization does and achieve a positive climate of involvement and integration of person, increase motivation and, consequently, productivity. All this to achieve maximum optimization of resources, making projects more effectively and at the lowest possible cost. We consider very positive that this watchdog of how management is putting into practice its communication, as they are generating results, be the case that are not achieving, will pass to the necessary corrections, if for the cause of this communication. It should not be neglected.