Nutrition Equipment

Our confections are perfect for morning tea, are irreplaceable as a festive table decoration. Naturally, we are not resting on our laurels and strive to expand its range of manufactured products to meet the demands of the confectionery market. 3. What role in the creation of a new range of products is the equipment? On what hardware are you working? There is no doubt that the equipment plays an important role. We make confectionery with equipment from leading international and domestic manufacturers. Modern equipment allows us to automate the work of employees and ensures the stability of process technology.

Also equipment allows us to maintain constant quality control. Therefore, using the best equipment has become one of the principles of our activities. I note that important when choosing equipment is the choice reliable partner. I can say that here we were lucky: such firms are partners we have. 4.

Do you plan to release new products in 2007? What is the forecast of the range of confectionery products for your enterprise? Of course, in 2007 we will continue to expand production and placing on the market of new products. International Exhibition on Nutrition, the study of our marketing experts suggest that the number of manufacturers is growing. Grows and the market range. It should be distinguished from other manufacturers, to play the lead. In society, the situation is also rapidly changing – the standard of living increases and tastes of consumers of confectionery Me too. There is even a mod. Therefore, in the first place in sales comes in the package, stand out, new flavors, types of products. Growing influence of retail chains. They have become important elements of the food market. Naturally, the producers, including ourselves, consider their requests. In early 2007, we released a version of the marshmallow in chocolate in the box art, which is now in great demand. Also, we have offered customers new types of pastes in a modern bright packaging. Now we have designed several new series of products and new and unusual for our market. I think they will like our customers as well as traditional products. We invite all our readers enjoy our products. Try it and you will feel what a real pleasure!