NLP Practitioner Course Now Profession In Gottingen

Professional communication as a key to the success of oriented communications among the key success factors in the context of the work. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is a method which can provide efficient and result-oriented communication and coaching. Until February 21 you can register in the short term course for the NLP practitioner. Interested can register in addition to the Organizer. The seminar includes a total of 200 hours in the period from February to November 2011 and takes place in each three-day block seminars. The venue is Gottingen. The NLP practitioner training is carried out by NLP trainer Sebastian Mauritz, promptly appointed the seminar start teaching coach. Furthermore, complementary aspects for the business area such as such as moderation of processes and employee interviews are integrated in the seminar.

So can a successful participation in both the “NLP Practitioner” certificate according to the standard of the German Association for neuro-linguistic Acquired programming e. V. Master Class insists that this is the case. (DVNLP) as also the certificate of “business NLP practitioner ‘ the NLP Academy of Gottingen. Birgit Schroeter