New Domestic Car

Flour a similar choice faced by every prospective car owners. Is rather difficult to choose, because all sides friends and acquaintances prove their point of view: – That I have on my 7-ke, (8-ke, 9-ke, etc.). Dtsat years already, nothing breaking down, only to change my oil and gasoline is shipped. – I had a bowl, so I was under him every weekend he lived, and now bought a Mazda, (Opel, Toyota) and troubles do not know. – But why do you car? Money is not impossible to satiate – spare parts, fuel, taxes Go foot health useful! Owners of cars abut on the reliability of their cars, a negative experience with the domestic auto industry. The owners of Giant and other Russian vehicles pay attention to cheap repairs, spare parts, ease of design. After can be repaired anywhere, even in the field, with no tricky instruments.

And, strictly speaking, it all depends on the previous owners, can easily ruin a good foreign car on our roads over 30000km, and someone may pass on the classics 250000km. It all depends on the quality of roads and driving conditions. Do not pay attention to the fans of their machines, they are all made of metal, and he is known, is not eternal. I will try to compile the most complete table pros and cons of the parties: Plus (+) The old foreign cars Representation Reliable Affordable price, compared with the new Comfort behind the wheel of Great choice among brands and models, a complete set. Minus (-) Machines often have a professional Past Machine – a cat in a bag, even a professional inspection can not detect hidden defects Old body loses its strength against corrosion. Long delivery of spare parts There is no guarantee plus (+) Not expensive new domestic repair Cheap Ease of repair parts can be repaired very Warranty Cons (-) Outdated heavy-fuel assembly is bad legacy design small environmental impact. Possession of the domestic vehicle well developed knowledge of the materiel. A couple of years you will know about the device is not worse than car mechanics car service. Used car is better to buy through a friend that would know exactly who and how it went. As the first machine best buy any old Lada, because on the road dpp completely different than in the textbook. This will learn to keep your distance, overtaking other cars, to communicate with the Traffic Police-Schnick, and many other useful things.