New Business Model

Financing of member contributions to securing the independent provision of information since last week is, the information platform for the self-certain investors, with a new business model on the market. The Executive Board announced that the previous financing of the platform on a pure ad financing of the expectation with regard to an absolutely independent provision of information towards acts. We have clearly the pressure of the advertisers felt, to restrict us to a positive representation of the respective investments”to the Executive Board. Since mid-September, the platform is now financed by membership dues and affiliate ads. 3 Different membership levels were introduced. Delta airlines: the source for more info. The free basic membership, at Cactus invest members’ called the Cactus University offers a regular newsletter as well as access to selected investment descriptions and analyses, as well as to parts. The paid premium membership (from 8.25 euros per month) offers unrestricted access to all areas and information on the site. Include all investment descriptions and their analyses and the entire University with their wiki-terms of use and the extensive field of expertise.

In addition, party documents, annual reports and more unbiased information on the part of the authorities, can be downloaded. As a further step in the Premium Plus offers membership (49,91 EUR per month) in addition the possibility to switch on an anonymous callback telephone number, as well as an individual creditworthiness of an investment provider, if you would like to learn more about a non-listed provider. Still, there are publicly visible information, which will be financed by affiliate commissions. The estimates of investments by Cactus invest as well as neutral examination are visible only to registered members. Cactus University also works on the same principle. There are also publicly visible information, most of the posts as well as Training and continuing education programs of the University are reserved but paying members.

Since the affiliate advertisers make no impact on our presentation, this was the opportunity, also guests on our platform a certain content for us offer. “, so Cactus invest. Most of the information remain reserved, but registered members since the search and examination constitutes a very great effort. “We are convinced, done the right step hereby have to offer an information platform the self-determined investors beneficial distinguishing itself with solid independent information and critical but fair representation from the craze representations usual so far in this industry.” Also they also hope to form a counterpoint to the sometimes not sound and are often overly negative representations in Internet forums and in the press. Objectively and impartially the tests would be carried out by Cactus invest.