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Recall that the plans for laying highway Moscow – St. Petersburg through the forest – the main recreational area for residents of the city – began in 2008, a major stumbling block between local administration and the public. In defense of the Green Zone serves an environmental organization "Movement for Forest '. Because of the crisis occurred a record decline in emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere Experts from the International Energy Agency (IEA) concluded that because of the crisis occurred a record decline in emissions of greenhouse gases: the last 40 years there have been no such large incidence of annual revenues of the Earth's atmosphere of carbon dioxide, as this year. As a result of this unique situation, which will help move the earth from large-scale environmental disaster. The current decline in emissions exceeding the fall of 1981, which became a consequence of the oil crisis. Among the reasons for the current drop in emissions – reduced output due to lack of funding. So , the plans of many industrialized countries have been quite real.

Addition to this are the new treaty to combat climate change, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol. In the Namibian Reserve massively exterminate seals Netherlands Organization for the Protection of Animals released a video of the mass extermination of fur seals in the reserve "Cape Cross' in Namibia. The footage shot for a few hours before the arrival of tourists, cullers herding animals in a large group, and then kill them with sticks. The carnage is repeated in the reservation each morning. In order to conceal the crime, before the arrival of tourists in the blood the beach to sleep with fresh sand. A member of the Organization for the Protection of Animals, who shot these violent footage was seen by hunters, and beaten and later arrested by police and expelled from the country.

Environmental activists to draw public attention to the issue of killing of fur seals and took to the streets of The Hague with calls to ban slaughter of animals. Reserve 'Cape Cross' – the largest colony of Cape fur seals in Namibia. A total of coast There are about 15 colonies of eared seals. Commercial production of animals in Namibia allowed officially. They kill in order to regulate population, as well as for skins. Estimated environmentalists, fishing for a period that lasts four months a year, killing about 80,000 animals.