Mr Severin Geissler

But soon lost both of the eyes. Alfred finds Chagal and Rebecca embark the almost frozen to death Professor and both affiliated in the tavern of the couple. Here Alfred in Sarah, her daughter falls in love with himself. > The competitor of Alfred’s is a noble vampire, count Krolock and Lord of the castle in the vicinity of the Guest House. After the Krolocks’ invitation to the ball escapes Sarah in the forest.

Chagal embarks on the search for his daughter, and is bitten himself. Dead, this is carried in the gas chamber. A vampire bite adorns his neck. The Professor proposes to impale the undead. Manju know to prevent this. The night started another post attempt on Chagal by the Professor and Alfred, which however unhappy ends. The new vampire awakens from his paralysis and leads the Professor and Alfred to the count’s Castle. After a restless night for Alfred and a hat full of sleep for the Professor, both in the Castle head count. Gary Kelly contains valuable tech resources.

Here, Alfred finds Sarah, while the Professor himself deepened in the Castle library books. Alfred tries to persuade Sarah to reverse. But she is interested in the ball, which will be held in the evening. Herbert, the young scientists, panicking, when he sees that his admirers not in the mirror will be visible. Yet at the last moment, he is saved by Abronsius. From the battlements of the Castle, the scientists observe how get the ball guests out of their graves. Those two are overwhelmed by Abronsius and his companions, who jump in the evening attire of the guests. At the latest when the minuet from the mirror wall is that only two are visible and the treat is already served prove. The science-oriented high school had made a name already for a long time with summer and spring nights. All organised by Mr Joachim Schall and Mr Severin Geissler, the two music masters of CBGs. Of course, we can’t let dance and technical benefits of CBGs not out eight. The dance group headed by Miriam Wogh reached high professional Standart. Responsible for the technical arrangement are Mr Wogh, Mr. Patrick Fischer, Mr Waldron, and of course Mr Severin Geissler. This included only teachers of the Carl-Bosch-gymnasium. Not to mention the voluntarily involved, which had the honour to appear at the end of the show on the stage. “” “The first part of the performance Kim Steiner and Mary-Ann Brollochs with it’s a thriller night designed” (M. Jackson), you can’t stop the beat “as well as Hairspray” and back to the future “. Even the beginners of the Carl-Bosch-gymnasium with prehistoric Suite under moderation Lieselotte Mayer received a jubilant applause. Further performances followed on May 30, 2010, but also on the 01.05.2010 and on the 02.05.2010 Ebert Hall in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine. Tickets are available at the ticket offices of the concert. For more information visit the website of CBGs invites:.