MPC Ship Fund Fund

Crisis leading world economy to slump in the ship’s cargo revenues the crisis of ship funds has in 2012 as expected on pace – and the number of ship funds bankruptcies increased. Also shipping funds of the emission House MPC are affected by the crisis. Charter revenue under the plan, suspended dividends and residues in servicing the loan. The recording of up to 50% of the ship mortgage loans in Japanese YEN, which has resulted in significantly higher interest payments and an increase in the debt (in USD) due to the decline of the dollar against the YEN value addition in MPC ship funds. MPC Fund 131 – MS “Santa-R ships” MPC Fund 208 – MS “Santa P ships” MPC Fund 283 – “MPC open fleet Fund”-Santa B ships MPC Fund 287 – MPC reefer fleet Fund 1 MPC Fund 311 – “MPC reefer of fleet Fund 2” MPC fund 376 – “open product tanker fleet” MPC Fund 395 – “CPO North America ships 1″ MPC Fund CPO North America ships 2 with many MPC Fund ships is there in the present situation only a matter of time, until the banks non-performing loans advertise and exploit the ships. The investors, whose Kapital is usually lost remain on the track. Crisis leading world economy to slump in the ship’s cargo revenue trigger of the current crisis were rising along with the development of the world economy fluctuations of ship transport prices. For the use of ships to paying rent and transport prices – subject to Charter rates and freight rates since always been cyclical fluctuations.

This known and obvious fact were often hidden in the design of ship funds and the advice of investors by their advisors. Corresponding risks were not mentioned in our experience in numerous talks regularly with clients. Currently attainable ship revenue (Charter and freight rates) are flying low.