Mitmachern Learning

a long-term business idea, there are relatively many Internet platforms where people can meet, have already ideas or solutions to problems that want to already build company or start network projects. Unfortunately lacks still on the appropriate Unternehmergeistern that try something completely new and not shy away from just the construction efforts and especially the enormous efforts to become known, – lacking Mitmachern wayward people, visionaries, pioneers, inventors, on with entrepreneurs,… or more easily formulated, the old world needed many workers, the new world needs many entrepreneurs, visionaries, inventors, pioneers,… and already the idea of the common learning environment brings us to. All people can meet here, that want to develop their talents, passions and values and generally learn more productive to deal with information and knowledge and want to simplify this complex task, cooperating constructively with others. Therefore, people so fine it go to help, that they can find meaning and joy in their lives.

Together much simpler, a corresponding Internet learning environment should be created in the project. As a basis for discussion and for targeted food for thought is the book, the course and the teaching / learning concept of the visionary. What great value/benefit provides the common learning environment? The participants can interact with other people who are also looking after their own individual task, their individual needs, wishes and dreams and quite generally more productive to deal with information and knowledge, and profit from the experiences and insights of the other participants. The path is easier to go along with others than alone. Those who have desire and time, can actively in the further development of this Internet platform on the basis of a rough concept. So the learning platform later optimally can evolve in the sense of all the participants, she must are maintained by people that this task with joy and professionally run. Of course, the visionary for these tasks looking for suitable partners.

People who can sign up either is via the contact form () or via eMail). Read the free eBook and the introduction of the eMail for the business idea “an Internet platform for life entrepreneurs”. Learn more about the business idea can be found on the website of the visionary (). Martin Glogger