Missiology 40

Recording of the Holy Spirit Missiology classes recordings continued, well taken in hands the Christ’s saving work and will not rest until it is complete at the end of time. The spirit of God in action so far we have explained here in a very simple way, but it looks that we have in a Holy Church a very solid and very deep doctrine and not have to beg anything special. Sometimes in too many words. With some other principles and convictions, our life would have much meaning and content. You sure that agree that writing too, suddenly a service would be made mankind very large, if all theologians silent for a time. Because all are always presented as the last interpreters of what already this interpreted that the same interpretation. The spirit of God is action, these phrases: precedes, accompanies, motivates, and continues the mission.

So never a missionary feels only. When you arrive at a place although not be you’ve heard ever Jesus Christ, is already the spirit of Jesus. When you start you work moved by the word of Christ, already there the spirit by your side, doing the following: giving you the word effective and moving the listener to understand it, then the preaching is an act of the spirit, and the conversion is an act of the spirit. The missionary action is thoroughly humble. It is be instrument.

We have to be eyes, hands, feet, body of the spirit. The missionary, there are moments that are gonna be discouraged, because after much talk. What the ama is going to realize that the listeners do not manifest interest. On the contrary can be to be close. You do not desalientes. As Jesus said: do not be afraid the increased danger or risk of faith, it is not doubt, but fear. Doubt can lead to investigate to ask, but fear paralyzes you.