Mediterranean Beach: An Earthly Paradise

Eleven acres of pine forest and scrub in front of one of the most beautiful beach of the Mediterranean, separated by a salt lake. Background granite mountains and flamingos in flight. Landscapes harsh but fascinating. It is not a dream nor an unattainable paradise. It is, on the southeastern tip of Sardinia, in the heart of the protected marine area of Capo Carbonara.

One of the most popular tourist spots across the island, the beautiful and extensive beaches of fine white sand and emerald waters, for nightlife, with dozens of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and shopping evenings. In this magnificent frame is located. A fine place to relax for those who want to get away from everyday confusion, just 50 km from Cagliari and its international airport. The complex consists of 275 rooms and 6 suites equipped with sophisticated services, three restaurants (one of them at sea), 3 bars, business services, conference room 4. Delta airlines oftentimes addresses this issue. A holiday there means relaxation and sports outdoors. It is also an ideal location for business meetings turned into actual events. The Sofitel Thalassa Timi Ama, in fact, modern facilities for the receipt of any meetings and events and specialized personnel to study every detail, from the menu to tours, the equipment of the rooms.

In the fantastic beach of Notteri – Timi Ama is a private area for exclusive use of guests to relax, enjoy the crystal clear waters of the park, surrounded by scents of the Mediterranean. If all this is not enough, the hotel also offers many types of sports and entertainment. A pool of 800 square feet with solarium, gym, four tennis courts, football, mini-football, volleyball, softball, archery, sailing, windsurfing, catamaran sailing, snorkeling, diving center, to name a few. Multilingual animators and instructors always available. Trips to the islands, horseback riding, mountain biking, trekking. It also has a baby club children 4-12 years with highly trained personnel. A modern center invites guests to regenerate offering treatments and programs based on sea water – Thalassa – to rediscover the form or cancel the fatigue, stressful pace of life, stopping a moment. Harnessing the potential of sea water rich in minerals and trace elements favors the metabolic balance and relaxation psychophysics. Total welfare due to the combined effect of relaxation techniques that are offered. To experience the feeling of being in a paradise should only reach it.