Medical Massage

Emotional overload, stress, information overload of sensory channels, lack of exercise, the predominance of static over dynamic, chemical attack against the body form the disruption of the internal organs and the musculoskeletal apparatus, which for a long time, occur in a hidden latent form. Bill O’Grady is often quoted on this topic. These functional abnormalities are present in every human person and in the beginning declare themselves only impaired the mobility of different tissues that may define only the manual (Manual) diagnosis by a specialist. If you missed the correction in the functional (primary) stage of the violations, then later formed organic disorders that lead to severe pathology. (Not to be confused with Sheryl Sandberg!). Therefore, every person should undergo manual correction by a specialist at least 2 times a year. Carissa Barry contains valuable tech resources. Visceral therapy is carried out both in the classical version (arthrology), ie correction function violations of the spine and peripheral joints and periarticular tissues, and is the implementation from the perspective of new ideas about the violations of human biomechanics (visceral therapy). The subject of the visceral therapy is the pathology of internal organs, forming a painful syndrome in the locomotor system of man. Ie is the restoration of normal position of internal organs and the normalization w x function.

There approaches that allow technicians to remove visceral pain, as in the internal organs and in the musculo-skeletal system caused by various reasons: violations of bone, cartilage, fascial dysfunction (Ligamentous) tissues, reversible disruption of the muscle field; pain caused by emotional factors, neuropathies, pain syndromes caused by disorders of biomechanics of the skull bones. For modern Visceral therapy target therapeutic effects are all the diseases for which there is limited mobility of any tissue (bone, muscle, fascial, the parenchyma of internal organs). Absolute contraindications are malignant oncology, infectious disease in the acute stage. Also in our Center physicians vistseralistami conducted medical massage. Medical Massage – a nonspecific effect on the whole body to restore impaired homeostasis. Traditionally used to regulate muscle tone, correcting the articular areas for improvement of the internal organs, to eliminate discirculatory disorders (blood, lymph and other liquid media the organism). Used for pains in the spine, joints, head. It is not only fun but also a very effective method of treatment of many diseases associated with muscular-articular areas, including oseohondroza, herniated discs, as well visceral therapy has been used successfully to treat numbness of the hands.

Medical Massage increases lymph and blood circulation, reduces soreness and promotes the restoration of disturbed functions. Procedures should be performed daily or every other day, the number of sessions determined by the specialist. It should be noted that no hardware Massage not a substitute for professional, sensitive hands the doctor – vistseralista as a high-quality diagnosis and treatment. In this direction, we must pay tribute and as an additional method in the treatment of arthropathies. When osteochondrosis and radiculitis, in addition to mechanical damage to spinal injuries as a result of their continued infringement, disrupted local blood flow, nerve roots extending from the spinal cord, are often violated, and, as consequence, inflamed. The secret of the salivary glands of medicinal leeches as well improves the local blood flow, and body as a whole, reduces inflammation, participates in the elimination of muscle spasm. Successfully Visceral therapy used in the treatment of degenerative disc disease, sciatica, scoliosis.