Maria hopes half naked, awake and eager to Mario, as every morning. Others who may share this opinion include Blackberry. Mario greets his young and attractive wife who fails to make him forget tiredness that brings hanging on the neck, as every morning without too much enthusiasm. Mario works night shifts at a crowded bar in the city, leaves at six in the morning and comes home an hour later. Awake Maria early leaving behind a night of absences and repressed desires, makes the bed, makes coffee and expected ready to your Mario who just wants to shake the smell of cigarettes and drunk with a shower and sleep many hours in order to return to life. Maria endures is the desire, coffee is taken, dresses and going to your drab and boring work knowing that returning home you will find just the memory and if anything, the smell of Mario, the Mario who loves above all things. It is a fatal night where Mario exits too early, the bar closes at deshoras and Mario walks in front of the Sun along the street that leads to your door, your bed, his house and his infinitely beautiful Maria whom he loves above all things. Street It is deserted, dark and accomplice of a few passionate and euphoric boyfriends that eat kisses under the shadow of dying overnight.

Mario feels shoves blood in the chest, in a huge knot in a stabbing pain in an enormous distress when approaching and see Mary, your beautiful Mary whom he both loves, in the arms of another Mario, on the lips of another that he should be. The words jump, sharp profiles shine in the broken old darkness, flashes of betrayal, pain, disappointment and lies make birth a mauve Sun that serves as a silent witness of the scene where Mario’s knees, suffered three fatal thrusts. The most painful of all, carrying on the forehead and ripped him to Mary. The mortal who has chest and that started life. And that lies in the morning newscast and that ripped the truth: two drug addicts assault and kill Mario while his wife is inert witness from the portal “www.ruben-alfonso.