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With b2invest,, a new, independent Swiss platform of Internet will start immediately, to bring companies with investors and business partners. An entrepreneur looks exposed often elementary questions: How can I realize my business idea and fund my startup? Can I trust what business partners to strategically expand my business? Where can I find an adequate successor in the context of a pending succession? How do I find more franchise partner? Where can I find prospective buyers for a sale of the company? The new Swiss platform b2invest offers a solution for all these issues in the development of the company. On the one hand, companies can publish their needs for funding or business partners easily and anonymously in a listing. So requests in the areas of Start-Up, succession, business expansion, business partners, company sales or franchise can be abandoned. On the other hand, interested investors and entrepreneurs can These categories as well as filtering and search capabilities will find quickly interesting offers.

Built-in message system can be exchanged mutually anonymous and clarify questions in detail. Ultimately, the entrepreneur then decides he himself indicates what potential partners to hold direct talks and negotiations. Only when the ads, a low, one-time fee will be charged for the entrepreneur. An once switched display is not automatically renewed and no other costs or commissions apply. Up to Rionegro, b2invest in the part of the public beta phase offers the possibility to switch for free listings with a maturity of three months. The Managing Director of Sequoia global GmbH and founder of b2invest, Matthias Wunderli, knows the challenges of today’s market. Now many companies raise fresh money rather through the free capital market than about the banking sector.

Since the financial crisis, banks are very cautious in lending. On the other hand, private as well as institutional investors look for attractive investment opportunities. So b2invest comes at the right time to provide a platform independent entrepreneurs and investors in the Switzerland.” “The founder of b2invest would like to offer more than just” a platform for entrepreneurs and investors in the Internet. We want to build a strong community for b2invest, with which we are in a dialogue – topics to deepen or to discuss the expansion of the Internet platform. On Facebook and Twitter, we are looking for a direct link to our community. In our b2invest blog, we want to pick up on interesting topics related to business and investment, and also guest writers come to Word. Together with our community we want so much!”reveals Wunderli beaming with joy. The b2invest starts off platform immediately in Switzerland, is but also in Germany be available soon. A further internationalisation of the platform is planned in the near future. About b2invest b2invest is the independent Internet platform for entrepreneurs and investors. The b2invest – platform aimed at entrepreneurs who direct and uncomplicated look for investors on the open capital market. B2invest offers the investor the opportunity to find interesting projects and activities and to contact directly with a contractor. Detailed information about b2invest on the Internet at.