Management Thurner GmbH

Romania investment fraud or simply bad advice? Leipold & Coll. submit complaint against a financial consulting company on Lake Starnberg. Background is the recommendation to invest in a system model for the Swiss smooth savings bank. Above-average yields and a safe investment have been promised. The money should be available at all times and insolvency-safe are kept in a separate account. Actually turned out after a short time, that the smooth no approval for deposit transactions had savings bank after the German KWG. BFin ordered the immediate processing of and the smooth Sparkasse then filed for bankruptcy. The promised redemption materialize until today.

The second mediated project was a company called okoinvest & management Thurner GmbH in Romania. The paid-up capital should be paid out again after a short time to 120%. Actually, the alleged project was discontinued shortly thereafter and the invested capital is completely lost. The delicate at this facility was, that one of the shareholders of the Asset management means using checker of the Romanian society was also from Lake Starnberger See. Both projects are either a particularly brazen case of investment fraud or a very bad investment advice. In both cases, the property consultancy firm with little effort would have can protect the money of their customers.