Main Workshop

Many companies are now using a regular Newsletterkommunikation as a low-cost alternative to expensive postal mailings. There are a whole series of rules to follow for a successful email marketing. In this workshop, you will learn how you can optimize your own newsletter. And best to learn from own mistakes and the comparison with others. Exactly what he’s building workshop email marketing with Marc Culas, Managing Director of marmato GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany. The workshop takes place on June 07, 2010, at the German Institute for Economics in Frankfurt am Main (dib). In a first step, the strengths and weaknesses of your E-Mail Marketing be uncovered on the basis of the own Newsletterkampagnen. Then, suggestions for improvement are developed together with the other participants.

Another theme of the workshop: optimization and success evaluation of own E-mailings. So you can learn, how to find a better access by analyzing the click behavior to your target audience. Also learn instruments to the expansion of the existing customer business and ways to the Know new customer acquisition. An important issue is also the success control of sent newsletters and thus correct and systematic reading of reports. Of course the Exchange with the other participants and the treatment of specific own theme wishes belong to a good workshop.

This prompted a week prior to the workshop and directly incorporated into the design of the workshop. In any E-Mail Marketing, something can be improved. Take the opportunity to make a decisive step ahead of your competition. So that each participant can achieve optimal success, the workshop on a number of six persons is limited. On the page there with more information and the registration possibility for the workshop. Contact: marmato GmbH Marc Culas Wilhelmstr. 4, 70182 Stuttgart phone 0711 / 24 84 90 – 0 fax 0711 / 24 84 90 – 29 e-Mail: marc.culas(at)marmato(punkt)de web: on marmato: the marmato GmbH has over 200 customers of the strongest provider of email marketing. All services related to performance marketing are realized in three other units. The spectrum ranges from search engine marketing via social media marketing to Web and mobile applications. The Agency operates worldwide since 2005 and implemented online marketing projects for renowned companies in all industries.