Luxury And Wealth

I hope that you will agree with me about the fact that this universe is wonderful. I hope that you will agree with me also about the fact that life is a fantastic game to experience everything beautiful that the universe can offer. It is true that perhaps some do not have everything what you believe you want. It is true that there may be some living with some shortcomings. At all times always there have been those who complain, those who have nothing, and however. They lived quite some time. It is true that nobody has anything they want, because then stifled life ideally.

The important thing is not having everything at all times, but having the ability to get anything they want quickly and easily. Therefore the capacity that you must develop is one that allows you to achieve anything they want. You have the power to get anything they want. And it is logical that picking up the best of what life can be obtained. But despite that infinite power that the people we have, many are resigned to average lives.

And then, instead of aspiring to a life full of luxury and pleasure, many comply with tolerated lives, average lives, accepted lives. Isn’t that this evil lead average lives. What is bad, is want something better and settle for less by feeling unable to achieve it. Nobody is forced to lead an average life. You can live a life of luxury, of pleasure, of happiness. You can have a life of dreams, with total freedom, peace of mind and full spirituality. All that is your right. But all right to be be demanded. To who should demand their rights? To whom must demand what you want? You must demand is everything you want, yourself, a part of you. That part of you, or that powerful and creative part of you is your subconscious mind.