Looking for Spiritual Refuge

Now that I compose, I realize my dedications. It was at 19, after receiving and considering a retreat and other tricks that broke my cathedral rose window inside when I experienced firsthand the border rejections and assumptions were embodied in the Catholic religion. One day, just like that, for me love, I was out and I got a bang on the nose that left me full of anger and resentment. I was carrying enough problem then face myself to think that was just the beginning and also I had no “spiritual refuge” “No One” took away my right to pray and I responded with an obscene sign that I will not describe me went into my shell and started walking on a path lit only my faith in me (though not yet know well what this meant.) Years passed and finally accepted me and I began to love more (a little). In the context of buildings, new foreign friends like myself and a port city and distant as Buenos Aires, I decided to formally begin a spiritual quest, after all when one leaves his country not only see more things, it gives that the world is much bigger than their problems and gaps. With the platform of my swims to Scientology and the controversial “fourth way” (now called: semiology of everyday life) I set a goal to find a Master, a Guru, Buddhist. My routine looked completely flat without any ritual, without a moment of silence with a candle or incense. It is for this lack of myself into something else, there is now an item in my writing called “On Types of Faith,” because while I squeezed and resentment is not more against religion that I grew up and raised my social context and moral (what a word), the need to find the great “beyond all this” is good effect and interesting encounters I have had not only spiritual intellectuals also where the growth is equitable, where blind faith and the shut-no- no wonder there is more: there is more.

And I finish this to get started with this beautiful and touching quote: “You ought to consider my words to its deepest sense, then testing them as if having analyzed barrage analyzed, and tested the validity and truth of what I say, only then, can accept them. “Buddha. Siddhartha Gautama V. Many Thanks … He was born one morning in October o79 Puebla City. BA in Graphic Design.

He has made many professional jobs design, photography, documentary production, art direction in short, etc. His true passion: the theater currently resides in Buenos Aires living of it, the art itself as a way of thinking and living. He has painted since age 12 and writing.