Kuma International Ltd

Cactus invest the first free market place for exceptional investments: Find free investments, evaluate, compare, directly invest, achieve high returns. The Board of Directors of Kuma International Ltd. announced last week officially the start of the German-language version of its new Web platform for exceptional investment de.cactus-invest.com. Until the autumn, also an English version will follow in the course of internationalization of the service. Why we developed Cactus invest: every person, every thing, every business and every website should have a reason for your existence. Why have we so lifted Cactus invest out of baptism? Cactus invest is the result of a long search for the Holy Grail of financial freedom.

On the way there allowed himself some error of each Member of our team, repeatedly lost his entire savings, landed almost on the street and had to pick up is zero again. And why? A lack of experience and information and too much confidence. So it goes, dozens every day if not hundreds of people who put their money in the sand in good faith on the fine-sounding words of a consultant, either slowly or quickly, and in one fell swoop because inflation eats the puny yield remaining after deduction of the expenses, because once again a deceiver dissolves in air or the value of one share of people just cut in half. Purely statistically you are likely to have had dear reader at least once this experience. On the other hand several promising projects not implemented, people need to bury their brilliant ideas because they are not able to find the necessary capital, to an idea into reality. There are 2 reasons for the purpose of existence of Cactus invest: If you are investor, then we will give you the opportunity for free to find out about investment and investment opportunities. They can get an idea what it is about and educate themselves, so that they understand what is offered.