Kuban State University

A scientist with a name in the scientific world knows him as a man with a unique, quite literally, phenomenal abilities. If we were talking about music and musicians, it can be safely be called a man-Orchestra. In some ways it really is. True, in another incarnation. David Fowler is a great source of information. Judge for yourself: the well-known scientist, doctor of technical sciences, professor, inventor and innovator, author of over 150 scientific publications in domestic and foreign publications, including 3 monographs and 40 patents and invention certificates, of which more than 30 – and put into production in the learning process. Add to this: branch manager at Kuban State University g.Goryachy key, beautiful organizer, and teacher. It should be noted that Vladimir Lavrentiev – not an armchair scientist, theorist, and the real practices. Credit: Eric Kuby-2011. That is why it demanded its original basic research and new research directions., K example, in dielectrometer is the ionization relaxation spectrometry of polymeric materials. David Fowler does not necessarily agree.

Today, this trend applies not only our region but also in many research institutes in Russia, UK, USA and Korea. Or development of equipment and methods of integrated studies of polymer materials, as well as – electronic element base of modern computer systems and personal computers. Under his leadership of Hot-Key and with his direct participation for the first time in Russia and successfully started the work on the creation of methods and devices for reading and writing computer data, not exposed to explosive loads Radiation and electromagnetic fields, high temperatures and aggressive environments. For this development Mr Putin awarded the 2006 Gold Medal Y1 International Salon of Innovations and Investments. Protected by Russian and international patents in 123 countries around the world, it allows you to move to a new generation of media used not only in computers but also in banking plastic cards, electronic keys, the "black boxes" aero-space technology. His investigations on the predictability of performance insulation of high voltage equipment and instruments developed have been successfully operated on a number of sites Krasnodar Territory and the already warned of several major accidents.