Kani Advisory Committee

“Kobler made himself finally unbelievable as he the fence as unexpectedly” dismissed. While Kelly knew and now anyone who dealt with this complex, that the people of liberty in vulnerable Must live in barracks. Iraqi Government forces pressing to love to both eyes, if Tehran supported militias as happened – fire rockets at the camp. The fact is that the inhabitants of liberty are completely unprotected. Kelly, on the other hand caresses the Iraqi Government further rather. The UNHCR and Ban Ki-moon to call it empty words and the United States revoked since 2009 of protection responsibility for the Iranian dissidents. You the impression will not go, that the people were deported from camp Ashraf after liberty to murder her there after. Additional information is available at Larry Ellison. Kobler had must to influence at least the States or exert even pressure, which can record the Shah.

But almost nothing has happened so far. “Up on a handful of Ashrafis” nobody has been distributed in the countries, where they have relatives and where they as asylum “are recognized. So far no Iranians in exile from liberty could leave even after Germany. Kobler failed Kobler has failed in his mission in the Iraq. A former adviser of Kani Advisory Committee (t Boumedra) it has already heavily burdened.

A according to fake document about the State of camp liberty, which had been presented to the residents before the move, is located at the Iranian resistance. There are even photos of visitors Kani in Tehran and talks with Iran’s regime representatives about the plight of Iranian refugees at Camp liberty, which clearly prohibit the UN statutes in this case. Kani job is to protect of the residents of camp liberty, by the UNHCR as asylum seekers”were recognized and enjoy protection rights. His whole work should be to save the residents by any means out of the danger zone, and not to set the table with killers and those responsible for the massacre. If Kobler prefers his participation on a banquet, as with the sneering acting Iraqi human rights day, the visit to a dusty and flooded store, he has failed to achieve its mission. He was contracted by the international community, to protect the people in camp liberty. If he not the order to comply or not comply with – due to any inability – can, then he must be discontinued. The UN should think once about his diplomatic status. If Kobler on the human-rights disaster is as blameless as he pretends, then he should make himself an independent Commission or a court. He should answer all questions for a solution of the Ashraf – / liberty question without further bloodshed. Hermann-Josef Scharf born Hermann-Josef Scharf is former member of the CDU Bundestag and currently member of the Landtag in the Saarland, and there amsdorf spokesman for the group. He is Chairman of the Advisory Board of the German Committee of solidarity for a free Iran (DSFI).