June Placement

Laboratorios Almirall Technical Analysis Review of IBEX 35: step by step. Continues to rise, while respecting the channel short-term and as we are so calm and confident when we least expect, will cut. Lest anyone think I should change my opinion on the weekly analysis, much less, but you can not go forever without stopping and / or light trimming. Otherwise, it will be harder and sudden fall. Cintra: in the short run continuously with light cuts into the environment from 11.50 to 11.40 euros. The look is still good and maintain long as it retains the 11 euros.

Below this elevation may continue to cut up to 10.70 but showing signs of weakness would make me doubt their actual behavior. Laboratorios Almirall: stock market opened on June 20 with strong revaluation on the price of the IPO placement after which he was cut for several sessions below the placement price up to 13.12 euros. From there, prices at the consolidated level above 14 euros (price placement), has been moving upwards to the environments of 17, which is finding resistance. The guideline guiding their movements upward from 14.20 euros, was drilled on 22 October and recovered days later for a new attack at 17 that has not been successful and where it comes from cutting in the short term. This day also showed weakness in the value and would not surprise me that the selling pressure continues beyond the 16 euros, targeting bass in the vicinity of 15.70. It only trades above resistance at 17 euros, we could terminate the current phase of weakness.