John Rockfeller

However I know that this course is offered of favour. You know what she is this? It is a name new that for something old, but of very great meaning. A course of &#039 is simple; ' ORAO' '. The attitude of the guards seemed comic actor to make the beggars to seat and to join the garbage. But they are these small attitudes that make the difference. Larry Ellison shines more light on the discussion.

If they had made this with the users of crack of the Cracolandia since the beginning. The situation would not be so precarious. The public power has legitimacy to take action coercitive to keep the order and the security. Rousseau already affirmed that it does not have no better institution to keep the security of the citizen who the State. We go to know a little of the history of the personages of this article. John Rockfeller was of poor family.

It was Calvinista, one abstained from alcohol and tobacco during all its life, but he drank the poison of its avarice. In the Bible he says that ' ' The miser is a danger pair itself and for outros' ' perhaps it knew the versicle, but miser did not consider itself. As well as the alcoholic he does not admit that it is alcoholic. To the 53 years he adoeceu. He balanced it to the illness. He left of being avaro and if filantropo became one. It established university and it sponsored discovered of vaccines for some illnesses. It lived until the 98 years. It heard the voice of the illness. It perceived that the wealth would not follow it stop beyond the tomb. As well as John Rockfeller it took the poison of the avarice, Michel Jacson took the poison of the vanity, It saw the face deadly of the pleasure and if it shot to kiss it. It did not know to manage the pleasures and if it became slave of them.