Java Service

Physical care of the equipment and Internet connectivity is the responsibility of the hosting company, which usually have it in a data center. a Placement (or housing): This service basically involves selling or renting a physical space of a data center for the customer to place around your own computer. The company gives you the power and connection to the Internet but the server computer as fully choose the user (through hardware). a In general, a distinction between paid services and free services. Paid Services: a This type of collection, usually dictated by the contract for an Internet provider, which along with giving connection between the possibility of using virtual disk storage or web space or combination of both. a Another means of obtaining a service is hiring a company not dependent on the internet, which offer based on the capabilities of your servers or in your space.

Almost always at the same time, deliver additional services such as the execution of automated tasks or free email accounts. a Usually transactions are electronic, credit card or payment systems like PayPal. Free services: a This type of service is given by the base to be free, and no cost to the subscriber. However, those who use this service are usually low message maintenance resources or those that owners do not have enough money to maintain. a As a means of financing, the server places advertising Adsense ads or other companies, making the page is full of advertising at some point. a Another limitation of these offerings is that it has limited space and can not be used as a data store, or subversive or pages can host adult content or not allowed. a In any case, there is a wide range of accommodation free with very different characteristics and can meet the needs of programmers who want a place to test or maintain a website with a number of visits is not very high.

a A web hosting can be distinguished from another by the type of operating system, use of databases and generation engine web pages there is in it. Combining best-known and widespread is the kind LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), although it is beginning to use a combination with Java. a Some of the more common services that can be delivered are the FTP, web site management for multiple clients and databases.