Only a few insurance companies offer the invalidity insurance, although the risk of invalidity of officers present, as well as for assigned or self-employed. This risk is greater for officials who have begun their careers a few years ago. An invalidity insurance can also protect those officials in the diagnosis of invalidity, enjoying their status with the Signum “for life”. The employment relationship is governed by an official against an employer. Accordingly, an official can be a serious health incision, come from a momentous accident or a long illness, not declared incapacitated. For him, would be pronounced in this case, the status of invalidity. Similar to the claim of a sickness or invalidity of a disability pension, the officials of the possibility of a diagnosed unfit to minimum entitlement. Itswhatever can just claim that supplies of these officers only after he has complied with a waiting time in the period of 5 years. This means that he has worked at least through this period of time in a post for life must be. Considering this example, the proportionally large number of teachers who will not reach retirement age, the value of an invalidity insurance more evident. Because of an early retirement from the civil service, substantial financial losses as a result of incapacity to purchase nehmen.Zudem there is a much larger part of officials revoked or on probation, which may be charged against the employer, no minimum entitlement. These would be eligible with an invalidity insurance, similar to a disability insurance, to the insurer. Therefore, this protection is not just for young officers especially recommended.