Internet Auction

Each item displayed on the Internet auction has a photo or a few of his pictures of that potential buyers choose, view lots. In this article I will show you how to choose the right product for the photo and there is some subtlety. And so, you’ve read my previous article and know how to choose a vendor that you are not cheating, as well as how to protect themselves from being overpaid for shipping. Now that you have found the right product, Contact analyzed data, reviewed the conditions of delivery, that you meet, you should carefully review the photo of the goods. Well, if the seller lives in your town and met in person – no problem. There you and Commodity glyanete live and Seller). In another situation, to draw conclusions about the product can and should be filed with the photos. Product picture should be on all sides.

If there is no – nothing. Contact by e-mail the seller and ask for such. If the trader does not hide anything, he would certainly do it. Photos must be with good resolution (quality). Do not make bets on the item whose state is not looking at ohorakterizuesh blurry photos. Sdes You can also ask the seller to send better quality pictures. But it’s not all! REASONS trick used by sellers do not honestly – to take pictures of the goods from the internet. For example sell brand mobile “X” marked b / y, a photo taken with nternet store.

How to determine Cho photos online? It’s very simple – the goods photographed on a white background. You certainly can say, “but may in fact not that good photograph”. If you have any this kind of question please read my article prideduschie … If the seller is a temple Rankings – selling bad product, he will not, because it will affect its future sales. List of online auctions can be found here.