In general, all this tells me one thing – you can only earn a serious amount! Incidentally, another interesting nuance, when you want to take number, and otherwise hard to earn, you will inevitably choose the least time consuming way, ie the most "Freestuff" in terms of intellectual straining, which by itself, the least cheap (the largest cash offer for full review). In the end, we have to publish on their projects even more options. That's a vicious circle. But, you can earn a lot, it needs a good network of blogs-splogov, with a sufficiently large number of posts in each. Newbie just too may well try it, and even earn a few dollars a day. Which is also someone may not be superfluous. In general, the question of priorities.

I, for 5-10 dollars a day to afford it can not, because he is willing to pay the money for the extra hour or two of free time -). But the service I'm registered, though not actively involved, and just watch. Now, about J2J, service is relatively new, so there is still quite a few proposals but the good performers are still too many not so hot. Prices are still more interesting than Blogun, the most important thing that I liked – for bloggers have 2 versions of its advertising platform – a reference to the guard and review. By the way, Now there exist proposals to link to guard for $ 8 and $ 20 for a review. I'm interested in all that regards earnings on the Internet, so I decided to test how it works J2J.

After I joined and my blog was moderated. I immediately sent 3 applications for the guard, one of the applications I once came the answer, I posted a link to the last guard, even after 10 minutes I had to pay. At all took 30 seconds to manipulate the service, and 20 minutes, waiting. Maybe not J2J better than Blogun, but so far there is interesting and not so crowded, though proposals frankly not enough. How then will not know for sure, the service will evolve, probably, in proportion to the development will be falling prices, but we'll see. I still liked it. This post is not about what J2J better than Blogun, each has its pluses and minuses, so you have nothing prevents register for both services may be under certain conditions, in total and get squeezed out of this decent money.