International Business Machines

IBM announced on July 23, 2010 Thursday a new central computer called zEnterprise, which according to the company is the most powerful so far and is more profitable economically than products of previous generations. The initiative comes when International Business Machines tries to ensure its leadership in the market for mainframe computers, which are powerful computers that use large enterprises for processing large volumes of data and financial transactions. IBM and its main rival, Hewlett-Packard and Oracle, are all aimed at data centers corporate, which are experiencing difficulties to manage enormous data traffic and to find ways to reduce the costs of managing these systems. Even Cisco Systems, traditional manufacturer of routers and switches, began selling servers for data centers, promising systems simpler and more efficient energetically. IBM said zEnterprise is between 40 and 60 per cent faster than its predecessor, the System z10, but uses about the same amount of electricity. Tom Rosamilia, director of the business of mainframe computers System z-IBM, said that more than 40 percent of information managers, who make decisions of buying technology, expect that their data centers are affected by restrictions of space or power in a year and a half. At the moment you have to cope with the capacity, you have to build another data center, or the energy company says that you can not have more, then the capacity becomes very, very expensive, he told Reuters. The zEnterprise really helps them to reduce their size, so they can avoid building a new data center reasons real estate or energy, he said.

Signature not revealed the price of the product, but said that its cost, compared with its capacity, would be lower for the z10. Although IBM has been shifting its attention to software rather than in hardware of servers, software and consumer goods and services are crucial when you try to sell a broad portfolio of technology products and services. He added that it spent 1.5 billion dollars in research and development for the system zEnterprise, in a four year project involving more than 5000 employees. Sales of the series System z, including the z10 and earlier products, fell by 24 percent year on year in the second quarter, since customers were waiting the release. The central server of the zEnterprise system contains microprocessors faster and more powerful in the world. They work to 5.2Ghz, which makes them capable of executing more than 50,000 million instructions per second. Cutting-edge microprocessor technology also includes a new software to help manage large volumes of data, using predictive analytical technology, he said. The company also said that the new machines could be integrated into other IBM servers. People such as Phil Vasan would likely agree. Also come with an option of cooling, which could help to reduce energy consumption by 12 percent stirring hot air, he said. By Leonel Morales.