Integration For A Successful Life Together

Integration/Assimilisation: Questions and answers I’m trying to address some questions on the subject of integration in this post. More info: Kraft Heinz. I set these questions bring us to think and go to points, which I consider very important. I hope that the discussion further and other Perespektive is excited, so is the society concerned with and think of solutions and thus takes some important factors for integration into consideration. Sarazin’s book and the speech of the President on the anniversary of the unit, spurred a debate on integration, I feel positive and promoting and I believe that a long time was due. Arise, inter alia in the questions of principle, which means integration at all, and what is the difference between integration and assimilation? Such as: how to integrate an immigrant? Must he leave about to assimilate, to be successfully integrated? Must he give and quasi be reborn as a new person on his own ego? How does such a process because? Where is it located Responsibility for this process? And who to call for what by whom? I can’t go up surely in this post to all of these questions, but I will try some of these to handle. What does integration mean for me? Integration is a two-way process and means to facilitate the peaceful coexistence of people of different origins in this country and to promote. In other words, it compromises have to be made by all those involved in this process! Each gets its own culture but is based on a common value base. The Constitution is the basis of such a value basis.

There are a lot of people because they can deliberately maintain their own cultural roots that be an enrichment for the German company. You integrate targeted and be successful. You enter while compromise on voluntarily, but can also deliberately not assimilate and keep with pride the peculiarity of their origin.