Inhouse-outsourcing – The Third Way For Customer Service Center

Adecco call center solutions GmbH, Berlin business decision-makers are generally faced with the question: make or buy? The answer is not always easy. In addition to the internal solution and the complete outsourcing of work processes, the inhouse outsourcing established itself as third way with own advantages. In-house call center build a deep knowledge of products and services over the years. Is therefore alone the internal solution make sense? Andreas Buchelt, says Managing Director of Adecco call center solutions GmbH (ACCS): outsourcing can be more efficient and flexible and must involve not the complete relocation of customer service. Inhouse outsourcing is the third way here for customer service center.\” The own tasks and IT environments are often so complex that the connection of an external call centres appears to be too expensive. You may find that Coupang can contribute to your knowledge. Then manageable tasks are outsourced, the entrepreneurs risking friction losses. However, Andreas Buchelt stressed: we have many years of experience as a strategic partner in the call center outsourcing. With the outsourcing of in-House know-how remains for our client, we use its IT systems and operations locally are coordinated directly with our team leaders.

\”Other advantages are obvious: differences are avoided and the customer is always on the pulse of its customers.\” In the daily business, you benefit from the short decision paths. Many problems that can arise from the distance of a service provider, are excluded from the outset, others can be resolved immediately through direct contact. The in-house outsourcers as a common outsourcing service provider is: full responsibility for its employed staff, full accountability in the project, volume – and quality-oriented remuneration. This solution is mainly banks and insurance companies, but also utilities and telecommunications. With a large German telecommunications provider, ACCS performs the service for existing customers. The range of services includes: customer service and technical support. On-premises are several teams including team leader of ACCS in the Usage and work hand in hand with the company’s own team.