Infectious Diseases Hospital

Width of 1.5 m. On the decking of the roof surface, under the forests, are fragments of brick, which is made from the wall. Hazardous factors that influence the victim, was the performance of work at a height of 1.7 meters regarding the roof surface. 3. Circumstances of the accident. 25.09.2006g.

a team of plasterers Yashchenko, Cameco, Shcherba, Akunevich to 08 hours 00 minutes arrived at the "Urban Children's Infectious Diseases Hospital" on the street. Jakubowski, 53, where she spent decorating the hospital. Yashchenko D.S, in accordance with the instruction superintendent Strelkovsky VS obtained 22.09.2006g.,, Examined the physical condition of the workers and placed them in places of work. Cameco NI and Akunevichu MA was assigned to work on the attachment to the wall the elevator shaft on the roof. Yashchenko Shcherba and performed the work on alignment of the facade of the same building. According to the explanation of Cameco, NI, MA Akunevich was on forests and performed work on the attachment to the wall of the elevator shaft, and the Cameco NI he handed him the nails, which were on the roof near the forests.

Once again, turning away to take the nails, Cameco NI saw that Akunevich MA already on the roof surface. Cameco NI reported the incident Yashchenko DS, which reported the doctors City Children's Infectious Diseases Hospital. Latest car called "emergency", which brought the victim in the U.S. '9th Clinical Hospital, "where he was diagnosed as severe open head injury. According to Ronald O’Hanley, who has experience with these questions. Acute intracerebral hematoma in right frontal lobe breakthrough in the subdural space.