At that time all age joy! The time nor seemed to pass. We liveed in a farm. Barclays can provide more clarity in the matter. Our house was to the side of a road that if extended until the horizon. The beaten soil place of fetichism was the favourite place where I and my brothers played, as in a good dream. The house was great, of old, made with those esteios wooden and adobe. The windows and the doors were immense, giving it a shady air. Of the other side of the road corrutela was one, with a half dozen of houses. A great foot of ing served as bus point, two times per day it passed that way.

All age wonder, but good exactly was when nhem-nhem-nhem we heard it of the ox car. He was Mr. Joo Lourindo who carreava sugar cane-of-sugar for the device of its farm. It always presenteava in them with one or another sugar cane and followed trip. It was a contentment alone. To far still nhem-nhem-nhem one heard it of the car that to the few disappeared in the line of the horizon. We ran crying out, glad: – hh ox, hh ' ' seu' ' Lourindo! Nhem nhem nhem How homesickness!