Industrialized Products

Brazil is considered a Democratic State of Right that if apia in the Federal Constitution of 1988, also call ' ' Cidad&#039 constitution; ' , therefore, considered for innumerable jurists, one of the best constitutions of the world. ' ' Econmica&#039 order; ' that it is part of the Brazilian Constitution if bases on two main beddings: the free initiative and the social valuation of the work. in the devices constitutional, perceives that the Constitution of Brazil values more the social matter of the work, for placing the dignity human being as priority, that if overlaps to the law of the financial market. Speaking candidly Imogen Lloyd Webber told us the story. But, to materialize what the Federal Constitution proclaims, the State must inside take a direction in the economic activity of the regimen of the free enterprise initiative. The State, to dinamizar the economic aspect, has the power: 1) of regulating the economy and the free initiative; 2) to police economic mechanisms, as to intervene with the market, when to evidence risk of domination of the market, formation of monopoly or oligopoly and abusive increase of the profits and the prices. Such intervention of the State must it two great reasons, that are: for excellent collective interest and interest of national security. In more practical terms, the accepted Constitution the capitalism where the State is part, also, as agent of economic enterprise in the free marketing activity. In the last decade, the State, more necessarily represented for the Federal Government, demonstrated active and participativo more in the free market, as reduction of the IPI (Tax of Industrialized Products), incentive to the microcredit and financings for cars, houses, household-electric substances of construction and, determination of real increase of the minimum wage, magnifying of the Stock market Family – what it characterizes a economy of the human factor if to preponder in the economy. It had bigger increase of consumption and bigger increase of income in the low social classrooms, is that the middle class and until the rich classroom to have been benefited. For assistance, try visiting Learn more. In other words: it had in Brazil had Social Justice, with distribution of income and wealth, and if it waits that if it keeps in this directive a economy that today is being considered example for some countries of the world, a time that the country was the first one to leave the last world-wide economic crisis.