Industrial Revolution

It is often said that the Roma people was the great diffuser of the tarot in Europe, after its invention in Egypt, thirty centuries before the birth of Christ. However, it is likely even that tarot is, since its birth, Gypsy tarot. Indeed, believed that the primitive Gypsy tribes were kept captive as slaves in Egypt for about four centuries. And that many of its members are dedicated to esotericism, incorporating elements of Egyptian religion and deepening them. No wonder then that the Gypsy tarot arising out of a desire to see beyond the apparent in this world. A desire that was already present the Egyptians and their beliefs about the beyond this life. But that basis, Gypsies have joined him his profound knowledge of the cycles of nature, fruit of the observation of a village in permanent movement.

And their particular way of living and experience the magic as something everyday. The life wisdom and experience have done the rest. As for the letters, the Gypsy tarot has not created own mallet. Its deck is today based on 78 sheets of the Tarot of Marseilles, enormous popularity and dissemination from the 18th century to be the first to print serially. But the Gypsy tarot harness is alive, and his figures have been adapting and changing with the passage of the centuries. During the Industrial Revolution, many gypsies without adequate preparation tried survive taking advantage of his village clairvoyant fame.

But today, the Gypsy tarot has returned to its time of splendor, and is only practiced by those who demonstrate having the necessary skills. And they are willing to soak up the wisdom of this tradition so noble and ancient treasure. Much older even than you think. Gypsy Tarot cards possess a great versatility, which makes them ideal not only for traditional readings, as the typical run of twenty-two major arcana, but also to join other traditions of equal wealth, as the Celtic tarot. It is so today Chuck flower Celtic using letters of the Gypsy tarot, due to details provided about the past, it is extremely popular the present, future and the positive and negative influences today’s consultant. It is, therefore, of strict justice, which today tarot is known around the world as a Gypsy tarot.