In Moscow

But desperate situations do not happen in our case may simply makes sense to arrange the transfer of houses in the management of respectable companies do not automatically and great warranty provision (such as bank guarantees to depositors), it was then most likely number of people willing to get home in the management of (the money people) drastically reduced. But not an end in itself to get rid of some members of the housing market, but rather to combine them to achieve global goals in the housing. Participants in the housing market. Try to characterize the attitude to the reforms of each of the utilities and market participants on the possibility of their relationship. State, federal level. At the initiative of the leaders of the country's transformation began with a change in legislation. The task of the state – set the direction, but do not be a nanny and eternal wards. Therefore, in today's stage, the state should become the main lever for adjusting the predetermined direction.

The purpose of the state today – strictly and ask for a ban on raider behavior in the market, give the people a real opportunity to choose their way of managing buildings. State, regional level. In connection with the promotion of the federal government money for the overhaul of the regional authorities have become more willing to participate in establishing new orders and take care of the birth of the People's autonomy. In Moscow in 2007 were allocated to each house to create HOAs more than one hundred thousand.