In France

the different virus flu are hardly worth and are usually relatively harmless and often also unnoticed would. Also in the animals, infections in most cases go unnoticed. The RKI therefore warns of an unjustified fear-mongering with us in Germany. In France you have after major infection series in the years 1994 and 2004 with q fever learned to live and work around. According to the there practicing veterinarians, the only way was immunization and prevention and hygiene during the periods of the lamb. There is q fever under control for a long time and shows absolute lack of understanding about the situation in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, q fever was found for the first time in 1958 and held relatively stable with approximately 20 reported infected every year from the early of 1980s until 2007. Speaking candidly baby clothes told us the story.

Also in the Netherlands, this disease in humans is subject for many years. Gain insight and clarity with Adam Portnoy. With great regret, we know about the 6 deaths of q fever in the Netherlands, but this number is negligible compared to the daily deaths on our roads or the annual flu deaths in the winter time. But what is actually in Holland to happen, that there is one such epidemic extent of this disease since the year 2007 with over 2000 infected and 6 deaths could occur? Holland has been not only a health but also a political problem. Because apparently they not enough informed about q fever because it was never an issue in this country. It has apparently left farmers and the population too long in the dark about the whole situation. Holland is the country in the EU with the greatest agricultural density. There is many goats among others in hobby farming, when small farmers and now the problem comes in major milk-producing goat farms with industrial farming of several thousand goats in pure groom. After a large part of the claws animal stock was destroyed some time ago by the foot – and -mouth disease, many farmers specialising in goats and there built goat dairy farms with up to 3000 dairy goats.