Important Criteria For The Acquisition Of Monument Real Estate

Tax advantages not protected against bad investments of monument real estate moves in the face of the financial crisis, the looming inflation and the lack of State-guaranteed pensions increasingly in the focus of investors. Brings a high degree of safety compared to other investments such as stocks or funds investing in real estate – in case of listed real estate attractive tax benefits are added. But also if you tax advantages appear particularly cheap buying a monument real estate the investment prior to the completion of a due diligence should be – subjected as well, as is the case with existing or new construction real estate. Otherwise the supposed haven can quickly become the financial misstep. In particular, monument real estate should be – examined in addition to the tax benefits on their suitability and economic perspectives for the future and on a long-term basis.

Who acquires monument real estate as an investment and would like to rent, must be an appropriate needs most planned location to be sure. The target group for the residential buildings, which are under monument protection, is a clientele that puts emphasis on a high Wohnqualitat. This can be found in regions of prosperity rather than in urban areas, which are economically weaker and where a high rate of unemployment prevails. The size of the monument real estate plays a role in terms of the perspective: at the planned site should be analyzed, which apartments are especially in demand: there are family or more age-appropriate apartments? Small of single and student apartments or more houses and large villas? In particular the demographic structure of the population in the vicinity of importance here. Basic considerations are important in order to avoid bad investments and the risk of vacancies or to minimize bad sales opportunities after the tax binding period of twelve years. Of course nobody can throw a close look into the future – but trends can be also on long term and usually clearly read.

Already for the basic reasons, it makes sense to contact, who is the choice of the suitable object and purchase a monument real estate a professional, long-term healthy based on interest in the purchase of listed real estate on a professional. The HansFinanzMarketing GmbH & co. KG in Hamburg provides already for many years in all Germany – listed real estate and is their customers with trained and experienced experts not only time, but also comprehensive advice to the page. If legal, tax, or site questions: here all the criteria would be considered carefully in the monument real estate investment actually to achieve the desired financial effect. Company description of provider investment monument offers a serious investment in listed real estate in whole Germany. This investment particularly attractive tax advantages for investors and helps to preserve old buildings.