IKONOS Satellite

The installation of the electric net made possible the purchase of freezers what allowed to the fishing the storage of fished and the one better bargain of the product, since they could store the product. With the construction Da Ponte, the circulation of merchandises and people were more easy and this fact will be able to activate the tourist potential that to the worked being will be able to make possible for ilhus another source of income. Learn more on the subject from State Street Corporation. Using to advantage the carried through caminhamento, the existing places of infrastructure had been written down the geographic coordinates of all, as public schools, telephones, bars, bakeries, lancherias, to continer of garbage, rank of health etc., the infrastructure equipment gifts currently in the Island of the Sailors provide to diverse easinesses to the development of tourist and religious the economic activities, of leisure, of ilhus and also of the tourists and 0ccasional visitors. The map will be developed on the basis of information collected directly in the place and georeferenciadas with equipment aid of global positioning for satellite (GPS). The center, sector not inhabited, basically are formed by alive dunes, and present diverse spots of culture of Pinus.

Originally, this alternative was considered advantageous for the inhabitants, who had leased part of its properties for the company FLOPAL Florestadora Palmares LTDA. To elaborate the map of the vegetation and use of ground (Fig. 5) a process of classification supervised of the SIG Idrisi was used kilimanjaro based in the differences of spectral emission, becoming possible the digital differentiation of each target and allowing to its association the specific thematic classrooms. Images of the satellite IKONOS, space resolution of 4 meters, 4 spectral bands (Blue had been used ; Green: 0.52-0.60 ; Red: 0.63-0.69 and Infra next red: 0.76 – 0,90 ) and radiometric resolution of 11 bits. Carried through the presort, this was compared with the real situation, in field, so that then a definitive classification was made, next to the reality.