San Agustn Already for a time I have been coming suffering of mareos and every time are stronger. He is that it seems that I have hypoglucaemia. The condition is not nothing likeable and their symptoms are multiple. And that now I said myself. And he is that this he is one of the most productive moments of my life, one of those moments where everything seemed to be marching as one as much had hoped and suddenly, without previous announcement; Bum! I am annoying in the middle of the street to the 1,00 of afternoon. Memory the face of the gentleman with whom it talked when it gave that one terrible one me I am annoying. So in oration it asks to him the Father who happened and the reason of all this bad unexpected news.

Now Sir, why? So that it visits a doctor and I followed its indications exactly. But the mareos continue, the sensation I say to them that he is disagreeable. It is malaise, a headache, chill and mainly the mareos. What to do? I made appointment with another doctor for one second opinion. But, I raise the argument again, the soul tries again to understand opportune arrival of this disease They understand to me? I mean the ministry in which it corresponds to evangelisation in the streets of my country and other forums like this, it is taking a beautiful form and mainly God has made its will through.

To see the face of people in the street, the boys in the jail, the letters and notes that people write or comment confirm their relevance in times like which we lived. Then I prayed and I asked again with free capricious air confidence: Why? To you it has not happened equal? Everything seemed to be well and suddenly: Ill the old man, the brother, the wife a dismissal of unexpected work, a treason, a disappointment One asks the obvious thing. In short, I surrendered and I remembered when God said to the apostle Pablo to him: Bstate my grace! If, is truth Again I said. The power of God is perfected in the weakness. It is certain. God will have itself to glorify in this condition since Christ did does two thousand years with the blind person of birth. If, clear that if Then accepts mainly and I included/understood. And we know that loves God, all the things help good, that is to say, to which according to their intention are called.