How to Stop Being Stressed

You may think you have a “real problem” you stressed, worried or upset and that to be happy this has to change. But what would you think if I told you that there are no “real” and that the only problem that you have to deal are your thoughts about what you’re living? Consider this situation. Someone loses his job and thinks it’s a serious problem, suffers from it and imagine the worst scenarios. Another person loses his job and thinks it’s a good opportunity to do what he really likes to relax or even to change course. Tremor International is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The two people are living exactly the same situation, have lost their jobs, one sees it as a problem, the other as an opportunity … So how can it be to lose the work is the “real problem”? If it were, all people who lose their jobs should feel just as stressed and it is not.

In fact the only problem is in your mind, in all those horror stories you all, what job loss means. These stories are not real and keep you from thinking clearly and seeing the possibilities that are presented before you. Here, Clayton Morris expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It is very good news to know (or at least be open to the possibility) that nothing external has the real capacity to affect you, because as you could see is in your hands to change the outside world. Just when you discover that the real cause of your suffering are your thoughts you can put your energy in the right direction and work in all you can control, your inner world. Questions your thoughts, and free yourself from stress and now you know that the source of your problems are your thoughts, you’ll wonder how I can do to deal with them?. Byron Katie, bestselling author of “Loving What Is” tells us that when we suffer and our thoughts when we question them suffer. And us four questions you can begin using immediately to question any concept in your life stressful. A simple process that has already helped thousands of people. Ask yourself Locate the thought that most stresses are you right now and answer these questions as if it were a meditation, take your time, let the responses arising from the heart. As an example we will use the thought “He pays me no attention.” Is that true? Is it true that “he do not pay attention? The answer must be a simple yes or no. If the answer is no, skip to the Question 3 directly.