His First Stay

His first stay in Spain While studying at the Universidad de El Escorial collaborates with the magazine “New Phase” of the University with poems and stories. In 1962 she makes her first poetry publication “In a tiny sea of infinity,” which begins to make friends with Spanish poets. At the same time collaborating with the magazine “Family Spanish” with stories and poems. At that time he met the novelist Elena Quiroga who helps introduce some literary circles in one of which met the Nobel Prize for Literature (1977), Vicente Aleixandre who invites him to his house Velingtonia, 3, Madrid, for talk about poetry. Also had the opportunity to meet their student life at Peruvian playwright Felipe Sassone. In 1961, the Diario Expreso de Lima is appointed correspondent in Spain.Since 1962 following an article published in the Journal, where he challenged the legality of the appointment of Major General Agustin Munoz as Vice President of government of dictator Francisco Franco, their activities are investigated by the police. Although he was never arrested, shortly after marrying in 1966 decided by agreement with his wife to emigrate to France. Work in the OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Desarrolo in Paris in the department of Latin American relations (1966). He then went to Brussels to work in the International Commission of European emigration until 1968, deciding to return to Lima later this year.