Heroes Justice

April 2008 year 50 of the revolution abstract in this research you will appreciate some of the terrorist manifestations aimed and perpetrated by the anti-Cuban mafia in Miami and of how Cuba has fought tirelessly during this half-century that has already been revolution. It also shows how the Cuban Government sent a group of Cuban agents with the aim of stopping these terrorist actions and which has to be the attitude of the U.S. Government when it discards the presence of these young people in American territory. Within these are Ramon Labanino Salazar, Rene Gonzalez Sehwerert, Fernando Gonzalez Llort, Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo and Antonio Guerrero Rodriguez, known worldwide as the five Heroes prisoners of the Empire; those who were brought to trial in a totally impartial place where were convicted unjustly to four perpetual strings over 77 years of deprivation of liberty. Today the ORB fights tirelessly to achieve that justice is done for these brave men defenders of humanity, exist in the world more than 350 Committee in 112 Nations, performing various actions in favour of freedom and justice to increase toward U.S. territory, where they have been manipulated and misrepresented information regarding these young Cubans. The present work proposes a system of actions to strengthen the disclosure of the case of the five Heroes in the Community University Max Gomez of Ciego de avila with the goal that all join in this cause and to disclose the situation before any means of information. Theoretical foundation the people of Cuba has been subjected since 1959 a ruthless state terrorism at the hands of the most powerful nation on Earth, the United States of America. The characteristic feature of this aggressive American policy towards the archipelago is terrorism in its various forms. A total of approximately 560 acts of terror of magnitude were committed by neo-fascist groups against the island, some 296 more than half, occurred in United States territory.