Help Graduate Students

My girlfriend – graduate student, who towards the protection needed to translate into English, no more nor less than 10 articles (a total of 60,000 characters). Traditional for all graduate students: time for a no money must be saved, and the quality of execution, of course, was to be at the highest level. The text was not that complicated, but not quite simple. Organic Chemistry Since I have free time anymore, I volunteered her help in choosing a translation agency to find out prices, opening hours, ability to do so with a minimum expenditure of time travel and so on. Ideally, arrange translation of "without leaving home." On the Internet, easily found a list of offices and translation agencies of Dnepropetrovsk.

Everything they promised impeccable translation of documents, texts, often of any complexity. Many have their own websites, but unfortunately, the information being presented is not always clear, moreover, during personal conversation suddenly found out some subtleties. For example, the extra cost. However, let's take turns In the morning I called the translation ". Phoned quickly, but the girl who talked to me, was a kind of breathless, as if running.

However, this did not prevent her to answer my questions without embarrassment, and the information I have received a fairly complete. I am told that the cost of translation 35 hryvnia for 1800 characters, but perhaps will increase 10% over the fact that the text of the chemical. More precisely the amount promised for the transfer to say after a preliminary calculation by send the text.